At our legal consulting agency, we’re committed to providing quality services that meet the highest of standards. We know that navigating the legal world can be confusing and time consuming, so we have made it a priority at our firm to provide clients with sound advice based on their particular needs. Our experienced attorneys are experts in an array of practice areas, from corporate and criminal law to real estate transactions and more. We strive for complete client satisfaction by ensuring each stage of your case receives our personal attention.

Main Services

All our services are available for you at the moment!

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Legal Service

Providing Services for Following and Representing All Legal Transactions of the Company

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Company Consultancy

Strategic planning

Business Processes and Operational Efficiency

Financial consultant

Marketing and Sales Strategies

Human Resources Management

Information Technologies Consultancy

Crisis Management and Change Management

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Accounting Service

Providing All Financial Advisory Services of the Company

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Network and Marketing Service

The Market Research

Strategic Marketing Planning Digital Marketing Networking and Relationship Management Advertising and Promotion Analysis and Reporting

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Valuation Services

Property Valuation,

Company Valuation,

Asset Valuation,

Brand Valuation,

Intellectual Property Valuation,

Financial Asset Valuation,

Cash Flow Valuation

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Real Estate Service

Real Estate Buying and Selling

Rental and Rental Management

Valuation Services

Investment consulting

Commercial Real Estate Services

Real estate consultancy

Construction Management

Real Estate Law Consultancy

Real Estate Marketing and Advertising

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Visa Services

Visa Application Consultancy

Documentation Control

Appointment Scheduling

Visa Type Selection and Information

Visa Application Tracking

Emergency Visa Services

Visa Refusal Appeal Services

Group Visa Services

Second Passport Services

Special Visa Services

Providing Up-to-Date Information

Visa Consultancy Training

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Address Service

Virtual Address Services

Mail and package reception.

Scanning of relevant documents and forwarding by e-mail.

Meeting room or office rental (in some cases)


Physical Address Services

A physical office or business address.

Mail and package reception.

Reception and management of official documents.

Meeting room and office rental.

Work areas and equipment.

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Research Service

The market research

Competitor analysis

Industry Analysis

Customer Satisfaction Research

Market Trend Analysis

Internal Performance Evaluation

Social Media Analysis

Machine Learning and Data Mining

Trend Analysis

Financial Analysis

Special Research Projects

Report Preparation and Presentation

Legal Research

Environmental Analysis

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Translation Services









Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Brand and Design Consultancy

Brand Strategy Development

Brand Identity Design

Visual Communication Strategy

Packaging design

Digital Asset Management

Brand Experience Design

Brand Audit and Management

Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Design Consultancy

Kosovo Consultancy Solution Partner

Web Design Service

Profile Management

Content Creation and Sharing

Statistics and Analysis

Determining the Target Audience

Social Media Advertising

Communication and Customer Services

Crisis management

Trend Following

Platform Optimization

Interaction and Community Management